Test Results & Advantages

We feel that our customers should understand what products we are selling and why it protects GRP/Paint from ordinary wax. The following information should explain further.

AGlaze were pleased to receive confirmation from Scott Bader that after extensive testing in house and outside by an independent testing house (Satra) showed that our system has the following benefits: When compared to an un-treated Gelcoat surface over the testing period of 4 years the AGlaze system with the regular annual applications does appear to offer some benefits to the maintenance of the surface quality, particularly with regards to gloss retention.

These test results were carried out using Gelcoat panels supplied to us by Scott Bader. Test results can be seen by clicking here.

This photo shows a before and after applying AGlaze products. The gloss has been restored and fully protected.

What does each of AGlaze 6 polymers do?

The 6 polymers employed to make up the AGlaze Sealant formulation have been carefully selected and balanced to create maximum protection for the paintwork/GRP. Each polymer accomplishes a specific objective:

  1. Polymer 1 provides gloss and lowers surface energy three-dimensional matrix.
  2. Polymer 2 further lowers surface energy creating oil repellence.
  3. Polymer 3 creates an energy which makes the surface Hydrophobic/water repellent.
  4. Polymer 4, another unique polymer, is a UV absorber which re-emits UV as heat and light of longer wave lengths.
  5. Polymer 5protects against fall out and acid rain.
  6. Polymer 6 is special organic oil providing a “flow” and self-healing process that helps to keep the protective surface level.

These 6 polymers are blended with an additional polymer stabilizer and formulated into a low viscosity solvent to give perfect surface coverage. It is important to note that Polymers 4 and 5 are proprietary. They are manufactured in Europe and do not appear on any public registry, nor are they available for sale in the United States.

What does each of AGlaze 6 polymers do?

Pure advantages of the AGlaze Paint Sealant

  • Protects today’s modern OE paint finishes and GRP finishes.
  • Will extend paint life by 50% as well as increase life of GRP.
  • No waxing or any other form of polish is required post application.
  • AGlaze is purely 21st Century Nan polymer technology, containing no elements of polish within its formulation, nor any silicones or waxes.
  • AGlaze is a non-flowing product, as the 3D matrix does not melt with heat as occurs with all waxes.
  • 100% easy maintenance – just shampoo and rinse for an on-going showroom shine and surface protection.
  • AGlaze has no emulsifiers and is able to successfully blend with the surface unlike any type of wax, which simply dries on top of the surface.
  • AGlaze does not age or discolour as does a wax, but maintains the original colour of the paintwork for years and GRP with annual applications.