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Synthetic Teak Sealer


This new product has been developed in house to seal synthetic teak deck areas. These areas such as the interior cabin areas are impossible to clean with a pressure washer. The 500ml e bottle will seal approximately 15 square metres of synthetic teak decking and can be stored for annual application.
It comes as a trigger spray  and only a thin layer needs to be applied. The sealant leaves a clear coating with only a slight change in colour.

We also sell a synthetic teak cleaner/wash to use prior to the sealer for stubborn stains.

Recently tested by Motor Boat Owner online – the synthetic teak sealer received a 5/5 for usability!! The sealer was tested against red wine, oil and diesel.
One reader asked why synthetic teak would need to be sealer which received this reply from the editor………' While plastic teak won’t absorb stains in the same sense as real wood, it can get marked by everyday products on the boat. If you don’t believe me, read our ‘Tested’ section this month where we have put the product through its paces'.

Contents: 500ml e

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