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Car Seal Kit

Car Seal Kit


A basic car seal kit which offers short term protection from the elements.

Contains 500ml shampoo, 500ml water based QuickSeal sealant, noodle wash mitt and a large drying towel.

QuickSeal water based surface sealant provides a durable, glossy and highly water repellent finish, simply by washing your vehicle.

Once you’ve rinsed off the shampoo, simply spray a light mist of QuickSeal over the entire vehicle, rinse thoroughly and dry with a synthetic chamois or microfibre drying cloth. The result is a finish that looks like you’ve spent half the day polishing your car and no risk of getting those anoying white wax marks on rubber and plastic trims, and no dust.

QuickSeal will last 4-6 months on a single application, or by using our Quickseal Optimiser on 1 in 4-6 washes, you can keep the seal in top condition.

You can treat an average size vehicle with just over 100ml of Quickseal, so the 500ml bottle should give you 3-5 applications.

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