Product Policy Statement

AGlaze is proud to confirm to all our esteemed clients worldwide that all our products sold are not only individually tested during development and manufacturing but are regularly tested in manufacturing batches to always ensure quality. Some of the products are introduced to the trade first to ensure standards are met prior to sales being introduced in the UK followed by 3 months trials again to be sold worldwide. Many of our latest products have been rigorously tested by individual online Marine magazines and publications around Europe. Our products always receive a good value for money rating as well as a good to excellent performance rating some of which are featured on our products shown on our store.

All products come with a full warranty of expectation to clean and protect as well as do the job the chemical is intended to do. All our products are blended specifically to clean what it is intended and should give 100% performance subject to the unforeseen amount of grime the product has to work with. Here some products which have a dilution ratio are intended to be strengthened to increase performance where required.

We constantly monitor all products sold around the world in different climates and some are manufactured for these countries which can experience high UV volumes. We continue to improve our blends to ensure additional cleaning power and protection is available for these regions.

Our aim is to keep your investment clean with as little maintenance as possible as well as protecting your paint or gelcoat from the UV elements that destroy or even damage gel coat or painted surfaces without protection. For those who choose the sealant system this will certainly reduce the need for continual polishing and help reduce gloss loss.

We thank all our clients around the world for their continued support in making AGlaze one of the top cleaning/protection brands over the last 25 years.