What is AGlaze Sealant?

AGlaze is not a polish or a wax, it is a resin. When applied to a vessel it impregnates into the GRP or paint surface forming a protective barrier allowing dirt to rest on top of the glaze and not penetrate it or permanently stain the boat. This makes cleaning easier and improves the performance of the vessel. Our sealant now reduces stains and helps keep your boat cleaner. Rain or hosing down the craft will assist with the removal of dust particles resting on the surface.

How long will it take me to Glaze my 30 foot boat?

A 30 foot boat will take approximately 3-4 hours depending on the initial condition of the vessel. Once the AGlaze has been applied, the cleaning of your boat will be dramatically reduced. It is essential that the vessel is prepared correctly before applying the sealant. Cutting back using Pre-Cut if you have loss of gloss.

How will it help my boat?

Whether old or new, AGlaze has been proven to assist in removing old stains and marks. On most boats AGlaze will give a 7 mirror image. When applied to the hull of the boat AGlaze can stop bacterial growth thus maintaining the performance of your vessel.

How long does it last?

AGlaze will continue to protect gelcoat and painted surfaces up to 12 months subject to climate conditions. It is highly recommended that two coats are reapplied annually to continue full protection and maintain the gloss.

What if I do not want to apply it myself?

Marine AGlaze has agents who can apply the AGlaze for you. These agents are based all over the World and have been fully trained by a member of the AGlaze International team. Please call 01795 592640 for further information.

What does AGlaze Sealant protect against?

AGlaze will protect against bird lime, salt water, acid rain, UV rays and the general pollutants in the atmosphere. AGlaze Crystal Vision Glass Sealant stops rain spots or salt water spots from forming on the windscreen whilst AGlaze Fabric Protector helps stop mildew growth as well as waterproof fabric.

Can I wash over it?

You can wash over AGlaze. We recommend you use AGlaze Wash ‘N’ Shine Shampoo as this compliments the finish of AGlaze on your vessel. Please do not use any other form of detergent after applying.

How can I get on your mailing list for future products?

Simply email or fax your details to louise@marineaglaze.com and we will inform you of new products as and when they are launched. See contact us page.

My boat suffers from colour fading as it is always kept in warm climates?

As AGlaze impregnates in to the GRP or paint finish of the vessel, it stops UV rays from colour fading the boat for up to 12 months. Re application annually will continue to reduce the loss of gloss.

What length of boat can a marine kit cover?

One AGlaze Marine Sealant kit will be enough to cover a 30 ft boat without flybridge. Larger boats do not necessarily have to have two kits as products are sold individually.

Click here for amounts required to AGlaze your craft

My Boat is in the water now so how can it be AGlazed?

AGlaze can be applied to a vessel when it is in the water or out of the water. Obviously when the boat is out of the water then the whole hull can be glazed but for areas above the sea line the boat can be in the water to be glazed.

I have a charter company and do not have time to continuously clean all of my vessels – how will Marine AGlaze help me?

Brokers and charter companies already using Marine AGlaze have found their labour time spent on each vessel has been cut by at least half enabling charter companies to turn their charters around more quickly whilst still saving money on labour. With all of the products in the Marine AGlaze range, the whole vessel can now be fully protected with ease of maintenance.

How do I know AGlaze sealant really works?

Do not take our word for it – Motor Boats Monthly – the premier boating publication in the UK independently tested our products and found not only were they easy to apply but they were also value for money and they really worked. A full report on the product was published in Motor Boats monthly April 2003 edition. See also our news page for full boat magazine tests and write ups, customer testimonials are also on our website as well as many forums.

Can AGlaze products work on dingies/ribs?

We have a dinghy sealant for new ribs and dinghies. This is simply sprayed onto the hyperlon and wiped over with a cloth. For old stains on a rib/dinghy, you will need to use our Dinghy and Rib Cleaner first to remove the marks and then spray with dinghy sealant to protect. Eradicators are also useful in cleaning hyperlon material.

Can AGlaze sealant be applied to a varnished boat?

Yes, after you have used a good varnish. Our Varnish sealant will protect this seal.

Can AGlaze products remove yellow staining on the waterline?

Our hull cleaner can remove these marks and then AGlaze needs to be applied to reduce these marks from returning.

Do I have to buy a kit all over again the following year?

No this is not necessary. The following year you may just need to top up on certain products

I have a blue hulled boat – what do I do?

No problem – AGlaze will protect the blue GRP and reduce salt staining on the hull. AGlaze also reduces the swirl marks blue hulls suffer after washing. Our SMR will reduce swirl marks caused by fender rubbing.

Once the AGlaze is applied, do I still need to polish my boat?

No, once AGlaze is applied, you will just need to re-apply after a year. No polishing is necessary. Wash n Shine easily removes film and black streak marks.

I have a new boat so do I need to protect the GRP/painted surface with AGlaze.

As soon as your boat is out in the elements, the GRP will be suffering damage especially from the sunlight. Tests show a new piece of blue GRP left out in the sunshine for 6 months in Florida suffered no ‘dulling’ effects when treated with AGlaze whereas new blue GRP untreated quite clearly showed ‘dulling’.

What happens if my craft has been AGlazed and damage occurs, how does the Glaze affect the repair work?

No Problem at all. During the repair your specialist will need to rub down the damaged area and this will automatically remove the Glaze from the gelcoat/painted surface. After the repair has been done make sure that the affected area is re Glazed so as to protect the area concerned. A spirit wipe will also remove glaze with ease.

What if I want to repair my boat – how do I remove the glaze?

Before repainting you should compound your boat heavily which will remove the glaze or a Spirit wipe.

I have an old boat- how do I prepare it for glazing?

If the GRP has ‘dulled’ heavily you may need to use our Pre-Cut compound which will take the gelcoat back to its original colour before starting the AGlaze process. Call 01795 592640 for further advise from our team of experts.

Will I need additional Glaze if I have compounded my boat first?

Yes, most likely – you would be best placing an additional coat of Glaze on as the craft will be very porous after compounding. We normally recommend 50% extra glaze. Call us for more advice prior to ordering.

I glazed my boat yesterday, it has rained overnight. What shall I do, as there were pollutants in the rain which have caused my boat to become dirty again?

Just hose the vessel with clean water and this should remove the dirt marks.

After glazing I occasionally suffer from diesel stains on my transom area, what shall I do?

Just take a small amount of surface preparation and these marks should easily be removed. When you purchased a kit whether it be direct from us or through one of our agents, you should have preparation left over. Our agents always leave any leftover product on your vessel. Just use the preparation to remove them – even though the preparation removes the stain it will not remove the glaze sealant. Wash n Shine can also remove stains.

I have rust stains around the GRP where the stainless steel meets what will remove this?

Deck Cleaner will remove all rust marks from GRP. Just rub some un diluted over the affected area and with a small brush agitate and allow 10/15mins to work removing with water.

If we have applied the AGlaze teak protector at the start of the season, what do we do at the beginning of the next season?

Your teak should be cleaned and colour restored at the beginning of each season using the AGlaze teak system, before adding the teak rotector to maintain this finish throughout the season.

Can we prepare the surface one day and apply AGlaze sealent the next?

This is fine as long as the surface has been dried and cleaned after any overnight rain/dew.

Can we apply AGlaze if it's raining?

If you have prepared the surface and it starts to rain you should not apply the surface sealent. Once the rain stops, you can simply dry the surface and then carry on with the process.

I have cut back the boat and now looking to retain the finish?

Use our Marine kit to start with and calculate using the kits to purchase the correct amount required for your length. You must however make sure that if you have not used our Pre-cut that your compound has not contained a wax finish. Any boat that has been cut back must add 25% to the order of sealent as the boat will be porous.

I have synthetic teak on my boat what do you have in the way of protection?

Our Synthetic Teak Sealant will protect your flooring from stains and scuff marks. Once applied use water or our wash ‘n’ shine shampoo to lift off any stubborn marks which will not remove the sealant coating.

What if I am not satisfied with the goods I have purchased from this website?

Online Dispute Resolution
If you have a complaint about goods or services you have purchased over this website and it is not resolved to your satisfaction by ourselves you can choose Alternative Dispute Resolution of which ODR is a procedure of this. https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.show&lng=EN

Is AGlaze Nano Technology?

Nanotechnology is defined as the manipulation of matter with at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometers, where a nanometre is 1 / 1,000,000,000 m. AGlaze Paint Sealant products and maintenance products, with the exception of our Pre cut compound, all fall into the “Nano” scale and so yes AGlaze is nanotechnology…..but then so are thousands of other liquid chemical products. Many other companies seem to jump on the “Nanotech” buzzword to make products sound new, modern and up to date, but the term Nanotechnology is nothing new and was first used in the mid 1970’s.

Our product performance is what is important to us and is what makes AGlaze stand out from the rest. So we concentrate on improving our products and independent testing and avoid using the word Nanotechnology in everything, even though it applies, to avoid being banded together with so many other products.

Can AGlaze cause yellowing on GRP once applied?

No defiantly not. Although the sealant comes with a yellow tint, once applied this dries clear and does not cause any discolouration. Yellowing on white gel coat, which comes from within, is normally caused by too much mould release agent used during manufacturing and is not associated with the use of Aglaze products.

What do I need to do with regards my annual application?

You will need to apply either the Marine Prep very lightly using the microfiber cloth damp supplied with your initial kit. This will remove any marks/film on the surface allowing the Glaze to bond as well as not removing Glaze that is still protecting. Then apply the same amount of coats and Glaze that you applied last year. You may not use as much but make sure that the coats are thorough. Call 44 1795 592640 for any additional advise.

After AGlazing my boat I have noticed some brown stains appearing on the bow area and along the waterline – what should I do?

Hull Cleaner – this is common in some waters around the World where a bacteria grows which stains the hull, a tinge of brown. Use of the hull cleaner diluted 3:1 cleaning with a soft brush, leaving it for a few minutes to clean. The glaze has not been removed and has worked as a barrier preventing the need for compounding.

I have not Glazed my boat but need to remove some stubborn marks as well as black streak marks what should I use?

Nano Kit will get rid of all those annoying marks that you have never been able to remove before.

I have yellowing stains on my hull what do I use before Glazing?

Hull Cleaner will remove all yellowing as well as stains on the hull. Use as directed.

My canopy has green mildew on it how do I remove this and stop it from re growing?

Our Canopy Kit will solve this problem. First clean the affected area using our Canopy Cleaner diluting as required followed by our Fabric Protector and water proofer which will also reduce mildew re growth.


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