AGlaze represented at Macau Boat Industry Forum

AGlaze branding and products were used in a presentation to some of the leading Yacht industry personnel at this years 3rd annual Macau Boat Industry Forum last month. Mr Robin Whittaker of Synergy Asia spoke at length about how yachts deteriorate without the needed care and attention as well as the correct products. Its all well looking at yachts in the magazines in pristine condition not realising that after purchase they require the correct chemicals and maintenance products to protect from the weather and UV elements. The presentation was well received and manufacturers such as Sunseeker and Bennetti were present. Already interest has been great with several new clients who have organised their yachts to be prepared and protected. In all a great worthwhile exercise on educating the manufacturer representatives that these yachts need to be maintained once they leave the factories to keep them in good order. Photos show Mr Whittaker as well as the group of all presentation speakers.


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