AGlaze Surface Sealant is certified for use on Boeing and Airbus as well as BAE Systems. July 2012 approvals place our product in the latest test version R BD6-17487 and Airbus revision AIMS09-00-002 ISSUE 3. Our process has been used over the last 15 years but to update our latest fuel saving version we needed to gain approvals which are now in place. AGlaze is used by several well known airlines, Police and rescue services around the world. AGlaze was also used on Concorde during its service.

Our AGlaze Aviation Sealant’s unique formulation gives unrivalled protection from extreme weather and temperatures that aircraft has to contend with. Aircraft washing times can also be reduced and when put together with the new coatings tested will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

For more information regarding AGlaze commercial aircraft applications call 44 1953 884999


Proven Fuel Savings

Extensive testing has proved fuel savings with an airframe improvement of 0.08% from which has been calculated a 161 tonne fuel saving per annum with the AGlaze coating. Applied professionally this will enable commercial airlines to save around 240 tonnes of fuel per aircraft per annum.

Our testing results seen below show the reductions in drag before and after application.

Gulfstream Approve AGlaze

AGlaze are proud to announce that our Aviation Surface Sealant can now be used by Gulfstream aircraft to maintain appearance and performance. We are working together with GBS Design, our new Gulfstream approved distributor, serving the Gulfstream community in the UK and USA.


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