AGlaze For Super Yachts

Marine AGlaze has developed a Superyacht Glaze which is used for Superyacht painted surfaces only. Our aim is to protect the painted surfaces which have an extremely thin layer of paint as well as enhance the finish thus reducing maintenance costs throughout the season. This is totally different from our regular AGlaze sealant as it has been tested by large paint manufacturers for warranty purposes.

RMP Marine are our exclusive Superyacht agents and applicators around the world – we blend superyacht products under license especially for them – any products available to buy on our online store are not the same blend.

Megayachts and Superyachts are normally chartered and always need to be looking their best at all times. AGlaze can achieve this after one application with a top up inspection annually.

We are pleased to report that a number of super yacht paint manufacturers have tested our products and have concluded that the AGlaze systems do not damage or harm their paint system.

For maintenance throughout the year the Superyacht hull cleaner works extremely well with painted surfaces to remove exhaust stains and soiled areas. Contact RMP Marine direct as they ship our products all over the World to meet a Superyacht or direct to a superyacht management company. Please note the Superyacht Hull cleaner is not the same product as our regular hull cleaner.

To read comments from Captains of various superyachts worldwide who have used AGlaze please visit the comments page.

Before having your Superyacht AGlazed please have your Captain/maintenance company contact ourselves or RMP Marine to ensure the company applying AGlaze have been licensed by RMP Marine – many companies have not had the correct training for superyachts or have access to our superyacht products – please check before wasting your money. Ensure you are buying an approved product before having to pay twice for the ‘same work’.

RMP Marine – Worldwide Distributors

With an unbeaten knowledge of Superyacht maintenance worldwide RMP Marine are tying up with partners around the world with similar experience to continue their growth and the AGlaze brand growth. Intensive training has taken place to ensure that the warranty offered by RMP and the standard of work they have achieved over the last 14 years is continued through all partners. A full list of countries can be found with contact details.

Martin Wilkinson +44 (0)7484 831607
David Rengert +33 (0)626 984 365

Contact Numbers

RMP Marine UK +44 7484 831607
RMP Marine Asia +852 90960653
RMP Marine France +33 626 984 365
RMP Marine Spain +34 609 13 61 65
RMP Marine Italy +33 626 984 365
RMP Marine USA +1 954 764 0975
RMP Marine Middle East +971 50 653 4214